Based on existing OBD adapters.

Our technology is based on OBD interface that is available on most vehicles made after 1996. You can use your own Elm327 adapter or purchase at low cost.

Save and manage your trips.

Manage all your travel at your own convenience. Our application will save all trips you made. You can assign different categories for business, groceries or recreational travel and look at percentages represented by trip category.

MPG Curve for your car

Measure mpg versus speed curve of your car. See how your driving speed can improve fuel efficiency. Build personalized profile of your fuel spending represented by city or highway.

Easily locate your car.

Parking location and time is automatically saved. Application will guide you to your parking spot. Conveniently retrieve your parking time and avoid those costly parking tickets.

Access your data on the web.

If you are a subscribed user all your data is backed up on our cloud server and could be accessed through our web portal.